Discount Hotels

When looking for a reasonably-priced place to stay, you might want to consider if the region you are going to has any discount hotels. These are often specially-designed to allow travellers to get the best price by reducing “extras” and providing basic accommodation.

Typically, a discount hotel will offer a set room price that includes bedding, but will not include meals, toiletries or sometimes even towels. Hotels of this type in Europe and America are often seen to be more spacious extensions of the discount capsule hotels found in Japan, but rooms in discount hotels in the West are far more like those in traditional hotels than they are like the Japanese cocoons!

These hotels may well offer many of the extras found in a normal hotel, but these will all be charged for separately, and it would be rare to get a further discount or deal on things like meals, toiletries, or phone calls. On the other hand, some discount hotels do provide wireless Internet access as part of the room fee, or a television set in the room, so it is worth comparing brands even at this level of accommodation.

There are even discounts hotels can offer on luxury suites during weak seasons

There are even discounts hotels can offer on luxury suites during weak seasons

Other ways to get a discount on accommodation include searching the Internet for specific deals on more traditional hotels or lodgings. At one end of the spectrum, bed-and-breakfast accommodation is often available from small businesses at a discount, especially for bookings made near the date of stay; at the other, many high-class hotels with extensive facilities offer discounts at the weekends, due to a lack of business customers in that period.

Several websites exist that can help you to find and compare this type of discount accommodation, but it is important to take some time to make sure you find the best deal for your own needs, and not to jump for the first reasonable price. There are some excellent deals available for people prepared to make the effort to look for them, both in purpose-made discount accommodation and in regular accommodation at certain times.

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